PEOPLE, PRODUCT AND PLANET are the three tenets that form the core of our brand

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. It is also blamed for promoting a  sweatshop culture with the production workforce.

At Venn, we only use eco-friendly fabrics like Organic Cotton, Tencel and many such innovations. Our clothes are dyed in "Azo Free" dyes which do not contain the harmful chemicals. We make sure all workers in our production chain are paid fairly and treated with dignity. Our endeavor is to make beautiful and well fitting clothes that respect the planet and people making them. Read More


One of the most common problems faced by women when buying clothes is fitting. The fact is that no two bodies are the exact shape and size so fitting people into standardized sizing is a very difficult task. On top of that, most brands available in the Indian market follow American or European sizes.

Over the last few months we have been extensively studying Indian body shapes and sizes to come up with fits that are designed for the Indian body. Our clothes are designed to fit you better and in turn last longer. However, we understand that despite our efforts no size fits all and we are happy to make custom fits for you with your basic measurements. You have to option to choose custom sizing while making a purchase from Venn. You can also write to us at for your fit related questions.

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Say Hello to Tencel!

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